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Sep 23rd, 2020, 5:49pm

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 1   General / Problems / Heater Blower Controller  Today at 3:49pm 
Started by november_man | Last post by november_man
I have carried out all the electrical checks regarding the unit. The fan motor purrs like a dream and the dash fan speed switch works as it should. Looks like the HBC unit is U/S. Tried all the local breakers to no avail. Anybody know of one available ? cheers.
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 2   General / Parts Wanted / 12v Engine bay loom  Sep 22nd, 2020, 11:18pm 
Started by Glyn | Last post by Glyn
As you will have gathered from a previous post I am after a loom for a 2.9 12v.
Only posting this here in case some person with new old parts has one sitting on a shelf somewhere !
Part  95GG2C011BDD
FINIS 1041417
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 3   General / Parts Wanted / Re: Front caliper cradle 15mm bolts  Sep 22nd, 2020, 3:26pm 
Started by Tenfut | Last post by Tenfut
Once again Dave you are correct.
1447853 is the part number apparently used on several Fords.
Got 2 from Peoples Ford, Liverpool 5.49.
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 4   General / Cars for Sale / Silver R reg 24v  Sep 22nd, 2020, 9:07am 
Started by michaelelise | Last post by michaelelise
Hi all spotted this on Gumtree yesterday don't know how long it's been up for R75 FVX silver 24v 8,995. MOT history looks pretty clean. Located Basingstoke Hampshire. video
Or his website sworth
Kind Regards Michael
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 5   General / Cars for Sale / Re: White S reg 24v  Sep 19th, 2020, 9:43am 
Started by michaelelise | Last post by Tenfut
Never seen one with indicators on the rear wing before. Nice looking car.
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 6   General / Parts Wanted / Re: washer jets  Sep 16th, 2020, 10:41pm 
Started by a900one | Last post by Tompion
Can't help, but should it be of help I posted this on a previous thread:
The part no's are:  
 1010483 heated  
 6657232 not heated  
 On my previous Scorpio I fitted MK4 focus heated mist spray ones. They're fixed pattern (not adjustable like the Scorpio ones) the wires need extending if you use heated ones.  
 You can find heated & non heated on Ebay, looks as though MK3 are the same part no & used on some other Fords.  
 The ones I had were finis  1708797.  
 Even cheap non heated Focus ones from China on ebay.  
 I've never found the heaters last very long.
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 7   General / News / Re: The end of an era for me.  Sep 15th, 2020, 2:20am 
Started by Simmo | Last post by Glyn
Very sorry to hear that. You have my sympathy but please do keep on the site.
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 8   General / Parts For Sale / Re: LPG system for 6 cylinder (petrol) cars  Sep 14th, 2020, 11:32am 
Started by michaelelise | Last post by michaelelise
Hi all I need to sell this now. I have put it up on Facebook (with pics) as well so if you are interested then comment below as stated before just the LPG system available now still got the injectors in place for a 24v so very easy to do. here is the link
Kind Regards Michael
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 9   General / Parts For Sale / Ford Scorpio Seat Adjustment Motor  Sep 14th, 2020, 10:38am 
Started by exucasvu | Last post by exucasvu
Hi All,
I have reluctantly sold my 97 2.4 Ultima Estate but have come across a boxed underseat adjustment motor part no: 7262694
It is new and I will let it go for 15.00 plus whatever the  postage comes to from France.  Anyone interested email me Photos available if needed.
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 10   General / How to do things! / Re: Estate shock absorber lower bushes  Sep 13th, 2020, 11:34am 
Started by Tompion | Last post by Tompion
I fitted these a few weeks ago for the MOT (had an advisory last year) so can confirm they fit.
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