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Feb 26th, 2020, 4:40pm

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   Flickering airbag light
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Flickering airbag light
« on: Apr 26th, 2014, 12:46pm »
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This is for cars that have a flickering (not flashing) airbag light. Typically it flickers occasionally and will go out if you tap the dash but gradually gets worse often staying on once youíve driven a few miles. It may also coincide with the cruise control light not always working. The problem may be a poor solder joint on the pins in the instrument cluster.
It could of course be a poor connection somewhere, just unplugging the instrument cluster & plugging it back in may solve it but that may be because youíve disturbed the pins and the fault will return.
If your airbag light flashes rather than flickers look here for a code:
Details for removing the instrument cluster here:




Make sure you donít loose the trip reset button (I think itís 2 parts).
I re-soldered all the pins to that plug. Iíve not had a problem with the trip computer buttons since - they often used to play up.
If you look at the case opposite the pins in the third picture you may see witness marks where theyíve been pressing on it. I cut the ends off the pins after soldering.
Thereís a big heat sink close to the airbag pin. The heat sink heating up the board coupled with the faulty pins pressing on the case may explain why my airbag light often didnít come on for a few miles.

Another post about it here:;action=di splay;num=1330135415
The case on mine is brown & cracked around the light bulbs I assume itís had 5W sidelight bulbs fitted at sometime instead of the correct wattage bulbs.
IP Logged

ABS multiplug wheel sensor pins MK IV or MK 20
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