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Feb 26th, 2020, 5:24pm

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   Whilst changing the matrix
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1997 2.3 Ultima estate. 1991 2.9 Granada Ghia.

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Whilst changing the matrix
« on: Jul 9th, 2015, 10:30pm »
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Details of changing the matrix are here:
I thought I’d post some pictures of things to check whilst the dash is removed.
If you prop the recirculation flap open you can clean the back of the evaporator – this comes before the pollen filters so worth a look:

Through the ducts below the evaporator you can see the flaps over the matrix that blend hot & cold air. The flaps have 2 large holes in them where deflectors have been bent up. These holes are covered with the vinyl backed foam seals that cover both sides of the flaps. In the next picture of half the heater box you can see the foam is sagging which means hot air seeps through even when the heating is set to cold – if it fails completely you won’t be able to turn off the heating:
Here’s the flap with the foam removed:
I covered both sides of the flaps with hat felt held in place with a couple of thin steel plates riveted together. No particular reason for doing it this way other than I had an old hat on the shelf Grin & I didn’t trust the glue I had to withstand the heat of the matrix:
I checked all the wiring connectors and cleaned up any earths although to be honest the wiring looked pristine.
Look carefully for any signs of chaffing that could cause annoying rattles & clip everything back as it should be. I found the cut end of a cable tie had been fretting against some plastic.
The dash had been rubbing against the steering column cowl so I put some foam over it, you can see here it had rubbed through the paint:
I’d posted this for someone on the mailing list having trouble with constant heat on one side, if that’s your problem these threads may be of use:;action= display;num=1247050310;action= display;num=1252802919
Here’s a picture of the centre duct Jonnycab mentioned removing to see the flaps:

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