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1995 Ultima 2.9 24V
91K Miles
Side on she looks pretty good - helped by the alloys which I particularly like.
Rear three quarters and still looking good. The Scorpio's a big car but not as ungainly as the Mk3 Granada that it replaced.
Starting to get to the less attractive side - I am sorry to say but the Scorpio has a big a..e although Vauxhall continued the theme with the Omega. Later facelift models have an improved set of lights and less chrome and disguise this feature better.
See what I mean? I am going to experiment with boot spoilers as I was shown some photos of a German Scorpio fitted with what looked to be a Sapphire rear spoiler.
One advantage of the shape of course is it's ability to swallow large suitcases - we are off on a wine trip to France soon so it should come in very useful.
Moody highlights set the shape off well.
The front end was certainly different - but no worse that the Sierra when it came out and we won't mention the Ka. It grows on you and again the later facelift models do improve it with dark lights and a body colour grill surround.
Hmm, referred to as the 'frightened frog' which is perhaps rather cruel. The front end is not the most attractive but you can't see it from the driver's seat.
I was determined to try and find a good view of the front end - does this work?
The new lights are very powerful and effective - I just don't want to think how much they will cost if they get broke!
You either love the look or hate it but you will never mistake it for anything else!
If you are going to clean a car then this is how to do it. This was Darren and Dishi's car before they sold it - the mad fools!
Cleaned and polished to the limit - this is one beautiful 1995 Scorpio Cosworth
The estate is a very handsome vehicle with huge carrying potential. In 24V valve form it is a powerful motorway cruiser that can carry 5 adults and all their luggage in supreme comfort.
Although fitted with the later Ultima 16" alloys this LHD Estate is a 2.3 Ghia and is a  German vehicle imported into Finland by Markus Všliviita

The Police in the UK don't appear to have made widespread use of the Scorpio which is a little strange considering the size of the boot and Cosworth power, however the auto box may have been a factor as well as the availability of the Volvo T5 Estate.
Owners have reported that a few were used as Rapid Response Vehicles and Armed Response Vehicles and here are three in use as Motorway Patrol cars.
This one was in use by Lothian Police in Scotland - where are they now?
This is a Danish Scorpio used for the Police. I don't believe that the UK Police forces used them for motorway patrols although they were used for specialist use such as Armed Response vehicles.
This one is being used by the German police force. Note they chose not to use the 24V
And again in use in Hannover in 1998 by the German police.
Both Coleman Milne and Dorchester produced stretch version for wedding and funeral use. They also produced a full Hearse version.


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