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  Home Counties All Clubs Meet

4th July 2004

Together with Phil the Granada webmaster, It was my pleasure and privilege to organise the second Home Counties All Clubs Meet together with the Granada clubs on the large field at Tripes Farm, Chelsfield, Orpington on Sunday 4th July.

At 0815 the morning was clear and bright. Clouds moved over and threatened but it was clear and even sunny during the morning. The first arrivals helped set up the gazebos - thanks guys.

Now where did the pegs go? Just hold this down for a minute...

Sister Scorpios

Surprise of the day was the arrival of a pair of Scorpios with consecutive registration marks. (remaining VRMs obscured)

Sister Scorpios, reunited for the first time since December 1994

This was quite a coincidence, and I looked these cars over curiously. Clearly they were two of a batch, because both are 16-valve DOHC manual models. M226 is in Ash Black Metallic while M227 is in Tourmallard Green, and both cars have a pumice interior with intaglio fabric. M226 actually came off the production line first of the two, since its VIN number ends with 047 and M227 ends with 041, meaning that M227 was actually 6 cars behind M226 on the production line. Dave N owns M226 and he drove from Bexleyheath, while Ray P came from Essex in his M227.

I actually remembered to take some stills and video this time. There were some very well-looked after examples in the line up.

When John and Mark Orford from Aircon Direct arrived I was first in the queue. I had had my aircon regassed last year, so I was surprised to find that the aircon was not able to cool at all now. The symptom was that of low on gas - and so it proved. John's eagle eyes spotted an oily hi-pressure pipe as it goes through the bulkhead into the evaporator. Sure enough, the crimp of the metal pipe onto the rubber had failed. Another pipe needed, so that is ordered now ready for installing.

This time we agreed on a different system for the aircon. Jean issued numbers for the Aircon queue, and that meant that owners could stay with the group rather than forming a long aircon line and missing all the chat. Thank you, my love.

The lineup - thanks to DaveN for this shot.

Recently I had invested in a new Laptop battery and this was put to good use checking all of the cars in the line-up. It's always useful to know what codes are to be found - not only to build up the knowledge base, but also to  know how common DTCs are when they are seen. The majority showed no DTCs at all. One showed a TPS ratch too high and another a high heater current on the post-cat HO2S sensor - and both these can be ignored. Several owners showed signs of dirty MAF sensors, so the tools came out and an owner produced a can of brake cleaner - good work guys.

One Cosworth showed both Banks Lean problem, and we discussed this. I checked the HO2S sensors, and they seemed good, while the MAF was showing too high. So this MAF was cleaned as well, but I didn't expect this to effect the Long Term Fuel Trims ( a dirty MAF sends the Banks too rich). Since there were no DTCs from the fuel pump I reckoned that the fuel rail pressure regulator was opening too early and I advised the owner to monitor this.

Interestingly, some cars that had shown Solenoid errors in the searing heat of last August now showed none at all. This was encouraging - I had surmised at the time that the incredible heat had made the autobox solenoids vulnerable to sticking, especially on the DOHC models where the exhaust is closer, and it appears that I had been right. Without the OBD reading the owner would not have been aware of this in any case, except that sometimes gear selection may have been a bit lumpy.

I had a busy time talking to owners about their cars. I was able to give some pointers that I hope were useful. I found a worn bush on a nearside front radius arm, a worn steering rack bush, a weeping power steering pipe, and a seeping water pump.

Our discussions were followed closely by a group of Granada owners. I had to disappoint one of them who asked if I could plug the laptop into his Granada, but one of their guys had brought a Star reader, so he went to him instead. Some of the others stayed with us throughout the day and I rather expect they will be Scorpio owners soon...

By mid afternoon it started to rain heavily rather than slight showers, so we packed up. Nonetheless, it had been good Meet and we had a good laugh. Thanks folks for joining us - you made the day! Thanks to John and Mark Orford, too, for their usual sterling service to our owners.

Below are the participants. Some are missing - if  you were there and your name is not it is your fault for not signing in! Mail me and I can add you on.

Eric and Jean R, Orpington Kent N reg Cosworth Estate
Del G, Welling, Kent P reg 2.3
Nick F, Southend on Sea R reg 2.3
Pedro S, London P reg 2.3
S. M.  Wokingham N reg 2.9
Paul B, Ashford R reg Cosworth
Dave N, Bexleyheath M reg 2.0L 16V
J. B. Stevenage M reg 2.0L 8V
B.W. Gosport 24V
Dave B, Emsworth M reg Cosworth
Ray P, Essex M reg 16V
Mick B, Southampton N reg Cosworth
Steve B, Chelmsford R reg 2.3
Frank K, Woodford Green Cosworth
Andrew CW, Brighton S reg Cosworth
Yvonne B, Enfield S reg 2.3
Mike R, Maidstone P reg 2.3
Keith O, Rickmansworth N reg Cosworth
David L, Barking R reg Cosworth




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