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(Message started by: DavidBE on Apr 16th, 2021, 6:32pm)

Title: Estate rear wiper
Post by DavidBE on Apr 16th, 2021, 6:32pm
I have belatedly noticed that the rear wiper blade on my Cossie estate is in very poor condition. Haven't had this issue with a Scorpio before as my previous one was a saloon. But I've become very confused over where to find a replacement rear wiper blade. The rear wiper arm is the version with the rear washer built round the end of the arm, and the fitment looks unlike normal wiper fitments. Getting the current wiper blade off, I see that it is unusual in the centre at the point it attaches to the arm - there isn't the usual little bar/pin running across the gap, and there's a particular profile that seems related to the way it comes off and goes on. The rear wipers I'm pointed to as right for Scorpio estates on e.g. Amazon, eBay, assorted car part sites, all have that bar/pin and nothing like the profile off the sides of the central gap.

Can anyone point me to a new rear wiper that definitely fits the Scorpio Estate rear wiper arm with attached washer? Or should I just get one of the kits for just replacing the actual rubber?

Title: Re: Estate rear wiper
Post by Simmo on Apr 18th, 2021, 10:44am
David This old post might help (;action=display;num=1131557068)

You will see that the Ford Finis is there BUT I cannot find anything via Google. :(

Title: Re: Estate rear wiper
Post by DavidBE on Apr 18th, 2021, 1:01pm
Yes, I can't find anything for that FINIS. The thing is, that Finis is the one given in the OEM Ford parts catalogue at e.g. 7zap. But the parts catalogue rear wash and wiper page shows a standard wiper arm with hook, a standard type wiper blade to fit onto a standard arm with hook, and a separate washer. I've seen pictures of Scorpios like that, with the washer mounted on the tailgate above the window (in fact, at first i thought mine didn't have a washer - thought it was a late model deletion like the door lights - before finally noticing the washer on the end of the wiper arm with the manual saying it's on the wiper arm. Duh!). So that FINIS actually appears to be for a standard fitting type wiper blade, and some of the wiper blade sellers do come up with a rear blade for Scorpios that's supposed to be an equivalent for that FINIS - which by the look of it they are, but that's only for the Scorpios with the separate above-window washer. I can't find any version of the OEM catalogue for the Scorpios - or even for the other Ford cars supposed to have the same rear wiper/washer as the Scorpios - that show the on-arm washer and therefore a wiper blade and its FINIS to fit the version of the arm arm with the washer on the arm that has a 'box' to fit round instead of a hook to fit into. It appears to be a very unique fitting, requiring a very different blade frame at the point it fits to the arm inside the washer head on the arm, and I can't find a FINIS for it anywhere, only the 'hook' version.

Thanks for trying. I think I'm going to go to a local equivalent to Halfords and see if they have a wiper rubber refill that might fit the existing wiper blade frame. (Like Halfords they'll fit things like batteries, bulbs and wipers you buy for you; unlike Halfords the fitting is free!)

Title: Re: Estate rear wiper
Post by DavidBE on Apr 18th, 2021, 4:59pm
I'm sorted. The car parts shop didn't have a whole blade that would fit (as expected), but luckily the one blade refill pack they had was the right size, and I've fitted the replacement rubber to the original blade frame. (Bit wasteful - it's a pack of 2 28" refills, of which I've just used 1 cut down to 13"!)

The original make, Valeo, still have versions that actually specify "NOT for wiper with integrated washer jet", but no longer appear to make any for wipers WITH integrated washers!

I'm actually now pretty certain that the Champion E38/B01 would fit. I'm half inclined to order one just to see and keep in reserve, but with my low mileage this fitted rubber refill will probably last me out.

Title: Re: Estate rear wiper
Post by DavidBE on Apr 18th, 2021, 5:02pm
Oh, in the unlikely event someone else has the same issue in the future and finds this thread in a forum search, for a refill rubber it needs to be a 6.5 mm width refill.

Title: Re: Estate rear wiper
Post by Simmo on Apr 18th, 2021, 8:01pm
Glad you are sorted David. Sign of the age of these motors I'm afraid. :(

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