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Do you own a Ford Scorpio or are you looking for one?

If so then did you know that we run a self-help Mailing List called Scorpio Confidential?

Our list is designed to help all owners and enthusiasts share their knowledge and advice amongst ourselves. If you want to know the answer to a question about the Scorpio then the List will invariably find the answer.

Save money by diagnosing faults yourself before you resort to the Ford Main Dealer - there will never be a Haynes Manual for the Scorpio so Scorpio Confidential is the best bet when it comes to looking after your car.

Everyone is friendly and out to help other owners so join us today.

Fill in your details below and click Submit (only ONCE) - you should receive a confirmation email within a couple of hours. Click the Confirmation link in the Email to subscribe or unsubscribe - if you don't click the link your request will be ignored!

NOTE:  This is a closed List and joining members are screened by the Moderator. See History for the rules of etiquette which bind every List member. Any breach of List etiquette will result in a life Ban.  NOTE: We regret that we cannot allow Hotmail addresses - applications using a Hotmail address will be rejected.

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if you do not receive a confirmation email then it is because your email address was incorrect, you have tried to use a Hotmail account, or your ISP is receiving too much email. This currently appears most likely with Freeserve and BT/Yahoo based upon the number of bounced messages we get from their email servers.  


After you have successfully subscribed above and clicked on the link on the confirmation email you can send your messages to

Note: Please try and send in PLAIN TEXT and without attachments as we have to pay for the bandwidth used.


There is a strict 40k size limit on all emails so remember to send in PLAIN TEXT and also remove any of the text below your message that is no longer needed. If you need to post attachments or files then upload them at
and refer to them in your email. Don't try and attach them to your email as it will just be deleted.


We will never sell or give your email address to anyone or try and advertise or sell you anything. We are here to help everyone enjoy this vehicle (have you noticed the almost complete lack of advertising on this site?). If you do want to make a small and voluntary donation to help with the hosting costs then click below.




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