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The Scorpio is a complex vehicle and the absence of a Haynes manual means that the owner can be stuck if Main Dealer prices are beyond their means. In 2002, however, Ford sent us their Technical Information System for the Scorpio, and in each of the section on the left menu now contains Ford Workshop Manual information, downloadable in PDF (Acrobat) format.

With the cars coming on to the second hand market at prices equivalent to a normal run-of-the-mill family car it is patently obvious that owners will have to band together as enthusiasts if they wish to look after their own vehicles as much as possible. However, some substances and equipment on the vehicle can be dangerous, so read the Health and Safety information on the left menu if you intend to work on your own car. Health and Safety is a much-derided subject nowadays, but there is some serious advice there for every owner.

Within each section is advice from many owners about the work they have undertaken on their own cars, and their experiences are a useful pointer for new owners just starting out.

We have posted the servicing servicing schedule and we are assuming that most owners will already know the basics. Oil changes are easy to do - the only issue is that the 'under engine' tray needs removing first. Although Ford recommend a 10,000 service interval, Steve C always performs a mid-service oil change (not the filter) every 5,000 miles, while Eric R changes both oil and filter at six months, and uses Magnatec - although with modern premium Synthetic oils this is probably not necessary. Steve C also used to use oil additives until he read this article.

Steve also uses every opportunity when he is working on the car to go around with the Waxoyl or Cavity Wax spray can and any sign of rust or corrosion in the awkward to get at locations gets a liberal spraying - especially as we get closer to Christmas. He also applies Waxoyl's undershield by brush to the underneath of the car and gives it a dose of Waxoyl spray. A Saturday afternoons effort every 6 months on this rather messy job will pay you back by maintaining the condition of the car over the years and for a few pounds expenditure it is well worth the effort.

Eric R keeps his Ultima in a garage with a dehumidifier running on a timer for between four and six hours a day. Even if the car is put in from the pouring rain, it is dry the next day, and the day after even the underside is bone dry again - this has kept the underside rust-free. This also keeps his tools dry, too. Humidity causes terrible rust, so that even expensive tools left untouched for a year can become rusty and useless.

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