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When the range of the remote decreased so much that it was almost useless, I changed the clock-type batteries. (CR2016 lithium 3v) Then the remote wouldn’t work! You have about ten seconds to replace the batteries and close the cover before the short time memory loses the code for the system. Ten seconds was not enough. It was exasperating to be charged £45 for the reprogramming. When I discovered how to program the remote for myself I was even more outraged!

The instructions given in the vehicle handbook are completely wrong and do not work. This says that you should lock the door with a key and then press the button on the remote within ten seconds. Blah! Why are these instructions, printed in the vehicle handbook, wrong? Could it be that Ford want to charge us £45 for a two minute job?

Scorpio remote. This is the Ultima model with the separate button for the rear tailgate. Pressing the lock button twice deadlocks the doors.

How to re-program the remote
These instructions are for the 95-on Scorpio, but may work for other post-95 Fords as well.

   With the key in the ignition, turn the ignition on to the I position, then off and then again three times, then once more and leave it at I. A beep will sound showing that the system is set to program.

   Now press the unlock button on the remote. Press the unlock button on any other remotes that you have to program at the same time.

   Now turn the ignition off. A beep will sound indicating that program mode is finished.

The remote is now programmed and you have saved yourself £45!

Note – Do not press the buttons on the remote more than ten times when out of range of the car. At each press, the code alters on the onboard security computer and the remote. If you’re out of range of the computer, the remote changes the code so that the onboard computer no longer recognises it. Then you need to re-program again.

If you still have problems with the Remote then take a look at the Repair page



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