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The Scorpio was produced between October 1994 and June 1998. The total number of all Scorpios produced - for Europe as well as the UK - is as follows (figures from Motor Industry of Great Britain, 1999 - thanks Nigel).



1994   5,800  (approx)
1995 44,521
1996 21,746
1997 20,441
1998   6,079
Total 98,587

The Scorpio experienced a 'facelift' in 1998

1998 Facelift Model

The Ford Scorpio experienced quite a few changes in its brief production life. This is the history of the model from its announcement to end of production. The following revisions refer to changes made on the production line, not the date of delivery or registration, which can be several months later.

01/11/94  - The new model is made available in the UK. It has the following new features:
bulletNew front and rear end appearance (hood, bumpers, fenders, grille, lamps and indicators)
bulletRevised 2,0 l DOHC 8V petrol engine with improved low speed torque characteristics
bullet2,0 L DOHC 16V petrol engine - similar to that fitted in Escort RS2000
bullet2,9 l V6 24V (FBC) petrol engine - based on '91 MY V6 24V (FBA) engine and developed jointly   between Ford and Cosworth
bulletEEC V Engine Management System
bullet16 pin Data Link Connector (DLC) for FDS2000 diagnosis
bulletVariable inlet system (VIS) for enhanced torque characteristics - on DOHC and V6 24V engines only
bulletTraction Control System (TCS) - similar in operation to that fitted in Mondeo
bulletNew fully electronic A4LDE automatic transmission
bulletHydraulic clutch operation extended to all manual transmission variants
bulletNew design steering wheel, column and new fluid cooler
bulletMultiplex wiring for a limited number of systems
bulletNew polyellipsoid headlamps
bulletNew design interior with fully electronic instrument cluster
07/11/94 Rear bumper brackets revised
19/11/94 New design coolant tank fitted in petrol models
01/01/95 Rear door handle mountings revised
02/01/95 Revised air conditioning module fitted
05/01/95 Window channels revised
07/01/95 Revised front brake pipes fitted
10/01/95 Revised boot release button springs fitted
31/01/95 EECV module revised - DOHC2000 16V model
06/02/95 Window winders redesigned
06/02/95 Engine/transmission vibration damper revised - DOHC2000 8V model
08/02/95 Stronger Fuel filler cap return spring fitted
20/03/95 Diesel sump pan redesigned
25/03/95 Central Electrical Box redesigned - for Scorpio & Granada models
01/04/95 24V engine looms now have protective sheathing
18/04/95 Transmission Range sensor revised
01/05/95 CC system capacities revised - 1Kg instead of 740g Refrigerant - oil from 100ml to 140ml
12/05/95 Locking bolts fitted to catalyst mounting plates - DOHC2000 8V & 16V models
20/06/95 Revised catalysts fitted to petrol models
20/06/95 Revised central locking/PATS module fitted
21/06/95 Revised tolerance for detent pin in autobox selectors
22/06/95 Revised wiring to cooling fan on Diesels
31/07/95 EECV Module revised for 24V models
01/08/95 Transmission vibration damper revised - DOHC2000 16V model
10/08/95 Revised gearchange ball and linkage for MT75 gearbox
31/08/95 New 3000, 4000, 5000, 7000 radio units fitted
31/08/95 Revision to spark plugs for DOHC engines
01/09/95 Two coat (water based) paint used on solid colours
01/09/95 Revised programming for Petrol EECV issued
01/09/95 Revised coolant fan and PCM for diesel models
01/09/95 Revised clip to secure servo vacuum pipe
06/09/95 Revised blower motor resistors fitted
22/09/95 Revised outside air temp sensors fitted
01/10/95 Front inner hub dust covers revised
01/10/95 Climate Control system revised
01/10/95 Revised rear luggage compartment strap, saloons only
01/11/95 Additional clamps fitted to front stabiliser bushes
15/11/95 Revised EECV programming used for DOHC 16V 
15/11/95 Revised coolant fan loom for Diesel engines with A/C
16/11/95 Revised catalysts and sound installation for 24V
05/02/96 Revised rear axle fitted for all models
01/03/96 Re-routed servo brake pipe on RHD vehicles only
01/05/96 Change to Diesel drive belt tensioner
01/05/96 Autobox gear selector position indicator revised
01/05/96 Power steering pressure hose revised on 12V models
01/06/96 DOHC2300 engine introduced. 
01/07/96 Revised PAS pressure pipe installed in DOHC2000 16V
01/08/96 Additional clip fitted to refrigerant pipe on LHD vehicles only
01/08/96 Revised hydro bushes in front suspension radius arms
01/08/96 Clutch pedal switch revised, manual transmission
01/09/96 Revised 2.5 TDI diesel engine introduced. Executive name dropped, Ghia X introduced
01/09/96 CD Changer bracket revised for Estates
16/09/96 DOHC2300 - revised balancer shaft housing
16/09/96 Double synchro introduced for MT75 gearbox in 1st & 2nd gears
01/10/96 24V EECV recalibrated
01/10/96 Rubber dampers fitted to estate luggage covers
01/11/96 Power steering pressure hose revised on 24V models
01/12/96 Revised Idle Air Control Valve fitted to DOHC2300 engines
01/01/97 Stabiliser bar connecting link revised
08/01/97 Production method change to petrol models prop shaft
01/04/97 Position of vacuum pump revised, new 120Amp Alternator fitted - Diesel model only
16/04/97 Revised RH cam chain tensioner, 24V engines
01/05/97 PAS pipe from reservoir to pump revised (again) - all petrol Scorpios
01/07/97 Revised PCM for 2.5TDI model
01/11/97 Radiator grille and front bumper uplifted, some chrome removed from rear on saloons
01/01/98 Drive belt tensioner revised again for Diesel models
02/02/98 Side-protection air bags available for Scorpio models
04/05/98 Revised Torque Converter fitted to DOHC2300 autos
30/06/98 Production ends
10/12/98 Revised PAS pipe for DOHC2000 16V models
08/04/99 Revised clutch disk available for manual DOHC2300 only when towing
29/07/99 Instructions to refix photochromatic rear view mirrors to windscreen using new adhesive

Information based on data supplied with kind permission of Ford (Europe)





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