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Cosworth Engine Bay


 A tour around the 24V Ultima Estate

  The Mill
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Just one look at this and you know the car is something special. Can you ever remember when Ford made an engine look so great? And yes, it goes as well as it looks.

Offside. Space is very tight, so the ABS controller is moved onto the o/s wing with the p/steering reservoir behind it.

Nearside. The air filter and plenum just about fill the space. Beneath these are the a/c compressor and the ride height pump (estate only).


  Luxury and Style

Front view, low and mean.

No Cosworth badge. Pity. 

The leather looks and smells great.

Ergonomically almost perfect

Still acres of legroom, no change there

Drivers seat set for 6'2" - loads of room.


Beautifully designed fascia. Climate control, superb stereo and 6-CD player tucked away, joystick controls, 3 position memory drivers seat, cruise control on the steering wheel. Brilliant.





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