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Transmission Range (TRS)  

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The Transmission Range Sensor on EECV equipped vehicles is a variable resistor linked to the gear selector mechanism on the A4LDE automatic gearbox.

It varies a 5V signal voltage from the EECV in steps with the lowest resistance, (highest voltage) in Gear 1 position, and the lowest voltage (highest resistance) in Park position.

The following circuit diagram illustrates this:

C645 is the connector for the TRS, and this looks like this:


Looking into the face of the connector, pins 1 and 2 are connected to the stepped resistor in the sensor. Test across pins 1 and 2 on the TRS for resistance, test pin 2 on the connector for 5V signal from the EECV.

The measured voltage at pin 1 when connected in Park should not normally exceed 4.8 V and in Gear 1 no lower than 0.2 V. The resistance/voltage should step in clearly defined stages at each gear position of the selector. Check the connector for any corrosion/loose wires etc.

NOTE: if removing the sensor for any reason, make a careful note of it's position and be prepared to replace it in exactly the same location. A special tool is needed to locate the TRS exactly if it is disturbed.





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