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  V6 12V Manual

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Cologne V6 12V Engine

The V6 12V is the last developement of the Cologne V6 which dates from the early 1980's. In the Scorpio it is developed with hydraulic tappets so as to meet the EEC93 emission standard, and is a reliable and smooth unit, but was discontinued from the range in 1996 with the new EEC standard.

The following links are to pages of the Ford Workshop Manual, here produced in PDF format from the Ford Technical Information System, supplied to us by Ford (Europe) for the benefit of Scorpio owners. Right-button click and Save the files below. (Acrobat Reader required)

Please respect Ford copyright.

Cologne V6 12V Engine

V6 12V Description

V6 12V Specifications

V6 12V Compression Check

V6 12V Oil Pressure Check

V6 12V Remove and Instal

V6 12V Engine Dismantle

V6 12V Cylinder Head

V6 12V Front Crank Oil Seal

V6 12V Timing Chain

V6 12V Valve Seals



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