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  Corrosion in Autobox Cooler Pipes

Although it is not obvious because of the under engine cover, gearbox fluid from the A4LDE auto is pumped through pipes to a smaller radiator installed in front of the air con condensing radiator and also through a small section of the engine coolant radiator on the nearside.

In 1998 when I first purchased my 24V Scorpio I put it into a main dealer for a full service. They warned then that the cooling pipes were heavily corroded and I had them replaced (Cost about 120)

In 2002 I was replacing a faulty alternator when I noticed the same pipes, now only four years old, where they pass beneath the radiator. The pipes press into a foam protector panel which must trap moisture and encourage corrosion. The picture on the right shows the bottom of the radiator towards the nearside with the engine under panel removed. After only four years corrosion is again taking hold. This is a design problem, IMHO - we can debate whether this arrangement was sensible, but the fact is it is there and we ought to be aware of it.

For now I have greased the pipes to slow down the corrosion, but the next time I have them replaced I will seal the pipes inside a layer of builders silicon to protect them from the moisture trap they sit in.

On any occasion you need to go above the engine underpanel (easily removed by taking out four T30 Torx screws) I advise that you check these pipes. If they let go your autofluid will spray all over the place and you will experience an alarming loss of drive - I remember that one owner reported exactly this on the Scorpio Confidential List.

The difference when using stainless can be seen by the aircon pipe next to it - it is spotless after seven years in much the same place!




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