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Ford Workshop Manual - Auto Transmission


Two types of automatic transmissions are installed in the Ford Scorpio, although they look identical. The DOHC 8V, 16V and DOHC2300 16V, and the Cosworth 24V all use the A4LDE, which is fully controlled by the EECV powertrain control module (PCM). The V6 12V Cologne engine and the 2.5 VM diesel use the A4LDe autobox, a hybrid electronic box in which only the 4th gear and the torque converter lock-up clutch is controlled by the PCM, in this case the older EECIV.

The automatic on the 2.5 diesel was only introduced in 1997, not even a year before the production ended, so these will be very rare.

The following links are to pages of the Ford Workshop Manual, here produced in PDF format from the Ford Technical Information System, supplied to us by Ford (Europe) for the benefit of Scorpio owners. Right-button click and Save the files below. (Acrobat Reader required)

Please respect Ford copyright.

Specific Installations A4LDE

A4LDE automatic transmission

DOHC models, 2000cc and 2300cc

V6 24V Cosworth


A4LDE Description

A4LDE Specifications

A4LDE 16V remove & instal

A4LDE 24V remove & instal

A4LDE 2300 remove & instal

A4LDE 2300 Specifications


Installations A4LDe

A4LDe automatic transmission

V6 12V Cologne

2.5 VM TDI


A4LDe Specifications

A4LDe 2.5 VM TDI

A4LDe 12V Cologne



A4LD general details

A4LDE Overhaul

A4LDE renew

A4LDE remove and instal

Brake bands adjust

Renew Drive Pinion

Gear Selector

Selector Rod Adjust

Selector mechanism

Transmission Range Sensor



Files by kind permission of Ford (Europe) - copyright.




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