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Changing Headlight Glass

One owner, Simon MD has converted his old-style headlamp lenses to the Uplift type. He has taken pictures of the procedure and writes the following advice:

Once the plastic cover next to each headlamp is removed you can see three of the four clips from above (circled in red). Release these gently with a wide flat screwdriver. The fourth clip can be seen from underneath,

Then gently pull forward and the lens will come off...

...still attached to the interior surround trim.

The glass itself is glued/bonded to the plastic but the rubber trim surrounding it also comes off seperately. The interior silver trim is separate from the outside plastic. Once the glass is removed, will be easy to change or paint should you want the 'facelift look'.

This is the finished result on another owner's car - Craig.   The bumper itself is unchanged but Craig has replaced the headlamp glass to the later 'tinted' type, and changed the chrome-surround grille with the later colour-keyed type with the centre Ford badge.  Very nice, Craig.

Thanks to Simon MD for instructions and pix




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