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  Torque Settings

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Torque Settings




Now you’ve done it. You’ve bought a car with a three year production run, and there will never be a Haynes Manual. Well, don’t panic – yet. During my three years of ownership I have frequently asked my Ford man Jack what the correct torques should be, and I made a note of them, so here they are. But not everyone has a 24V, so I asked what they are for the other engines as well. The list will increase as time goes by.

  Nm Ft lb
Steel or alloy wheel nuts 85 63
Brake caliper retaining bolts 56 41
Brake Sensor retaining nuts (f and r) 10 7
Brake pipe unions 13 10
Caliper carrier plate retaining bolts  90 66
Brake hose to caliper 35 26
Spark Plugs – 24V – use Neverseeze compound 20 15
Oil drain plug  - all engines except 2.5 TCI diesel 24 18
Spark Plugs – 12V - use Neverseeze compound 32 24
Spark Plugs – 2.3 DOHC, use Neverseeze compound

16V DOHC2000

8V DOHC2000


18 13
Glow Plugs – 2.5 TCI Diesel 14 10
Oil drain plug -2.5 TCI Diesel 35 26

More to come!




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