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  8V Components
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8V DOHC Engine Control Components


To assist with component identification, this is a view of the components on the DOHC 8V engines (LHD shown)

A. - IAC valve

B. - CKP sensor

C. - CMP sensor

D. - EGR valve

E. - MAF sensor

F. - HO2S (post-catalyst)

G. - HO2S (pre-catalyst)

H. - ECT sensor

I. - IAT sensor

A. - EGR vacuum regulator

B. - EECV PCM (Behind glove compartment in cabin)

C. - EVAP canister purge valve

D. - Pressure transducer EGR system

E. - Fuel pressure regulator

F. - TP sensor

G. - EI system module





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