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  OBD2 Abbreviations

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OBD2 Abbreviations
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OBD2 - Abbreviations and VE Info

A table of useful abbreviations is shown below together with their access through the Vehicle Explorer software and OBD lead. There are two locations where the sensors can be read. The first, on the DATA page, are the OBD compliant locations within the software. The second, on the Enhanced button on the top menu of the Explorer software, are the Ford-specific locations, and the file needs to be loaded from the Website ( order to read these locations properly.

Abbrev Sensor Use Vehicle Explorer details
AIT Air Inlet Temperature sensor Measures inlet air temperature for fuelling OBD - IAT: Enhanced, IAT - shows temp and IATV, volts and IATICNT Fault filter count
BARO BAROmetric Pressure sensor Measures Baro air pressure for fuelling Enhanced: BARO shows pressure in Hg and output of the sensor in Hz.


CANP CANister Purge valve Controls vacuum between engine inlet and EVAP canister  


CMP CaMshaft Position sensor Detects position of #1 cylinder for fuel and ignition coil synchronization Enhanced: shows CMPFM failure mode Yes/No


CKP CranKshaft Position sensor Provides basic timing data for the PIP signal Enhanced: shows RPM based on CKP input


DPFE Differential Pressure Feedback EGR transducer Measures EGR gas flow into Inlet system Enhanced: - shows DPFEGR volts


ECT Engine Coolant Temp sensor Measures engine temperature OBD  - ECT: Enhanced: shows ECT temp, ECTV Volts and ECTFIL fault filter count
EGR Exhaust Gas Recirculation Introduces exhaust gas into inlet system to reduce NOx Enhanced: Shows EGRVR percentage engaged


EVAP Evaporative Emissions Control Prevents escape of fuel vapour to atmosphere Enhanced: EVAPCA shows fault detected Yes/No


EVR Electronic Vacuum Regulator and Egr Vacuum Regulator Controls vacuum pressure  


FPM Fuel Pump Monitor Monitors Fuel Pump high and low circuits Enhanced: shows FPM monitor on/off


HO2S Heated Oxygen Sensor Detects exhaust rich or lean of oxygen In OBD - HO2S . Enhanced: shows all HO2S data and HTRX heaters commanded on/off and retries if failed


Idle Air Control Air bypass valve on inlet system to control engine idle Enhanced, IAC shows % engaged


ICM Ignition Control Module Whether DIS, EDIS or TFI - module which controls ignition spark  


IMRC Intake Manifold Runner Control (formerly IAC Intake Air Control) Controls variable inlet systems (VIS) Enhanced: IMRC shows on/off


INJ INJector Valve inject fuel into inlet, duration times commanded by the PCM Enhanced: FUELPW1(2) shows injector pulse width in Ms.


LOAD Current load on engine Not a sensor - computed figure from PCM for timing and fuelling OBD  - LOAD: Enhanced: LOAD shows computed engine LOAD 0-200%


LOOP Current Feedback Status Open is cold fuelling, Closed is fuelling by HO2S and fuel trims Enhanced: LOOP shows OPEN or CLOSED


LTFT Long Term Fuel Trim Fuelling based on computed adjustments over time to allow for ageing sensors OBD  - LTFT and Enhanced: LONGFT.


MAF Mass Air Flow sensor Measures air entering Inlet system OBD  - MAF: shows Ibs/min flow and Enhanced: MAFV shows volts
MPH Miles Per Hour Vehicle speed computed from VSS signal OBD  - MPH: Enhanced: MPH
OCT ADJ Octane Adjust Retards Ignition timing for poor fuel Enhanced: OCT ADJ shows Open or Closed


PCM Powertrain Control Module The EECV module controls Engine and in Automatics, the gearbox. OBD is programmed into the software,  
PIP Profile Ignition Pickup signal Not a sensor - a dataword signal to ignition system Enhanced: PIP shows On or Off (error is off)


PSP Power Steering Pressure Detects power steering load Enhanced: PSP shows Low/high


RPM Revs per Minute RPM of the engine based on CKP information OBD  - RPM : Enhanced RPM
STFT Short Term Fuel Trim Fuel adjustment based on HO2S sensor input OBD  RTFT: and Enhanced: shows as SHRTFT
TPS Throttle Position Sensor Detects location and speed of movement of accelerator OBD - TPS shows % engaged. Enhanced: shows TPV, volts


WOT Wide Open Throttle Not a sensor, but a condition of the TPS. In WOT condition the A/C or C/C compressor is disengaged and LOOP is open to provide a rich mixture  

Transmission Sensors, not OBD but visible on Vehicle Explorer Enhanced: menu.

BOO Brake On/Off Warns PCM that brakes are applied Enhanced, BPP/BOO shows on/off


EPC Electronic Pressure Control Variable solenoid which controls line pressure in the auto transmission Enhanced: EPC pressure psi and EPCV shows volts


GEAR Gear currently engaged (auto) Not a sensor, PCM computed, gear currently engaged Enhanced: GEAR selected 1 to 4






Shift Solenoids #1 to 4 Provide pressure to force gear shifts, one for each gear Enhanced: SS1 to 4 solenoid controls on/off for each
TCC Torque Converter Clutch Locks up Torque Converter to output shaft to provide direct drive to wheels Enhanced: TCC shows percentage engaged.


TFT Transmission Fluid Temp Auto transmission fluid temperature  


TR Transmission Range sensor Commonly called PRNGL - this provides input of the Gear Selector position  


TSS Turbine Speed Sensor Measures turbine speed to aid controlled slip Enhanced: TSS/ISS shows rpm


VSS Vehicle Speed Sensor provides digital signal corresponding to vehicle speed OBD - MPH: Enhanced:MPH and VSFIL fault filter count




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