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  Cleaning the A/C system

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Air Conditioning Treatment 

Now that spring is here, I thought it was time I treated my Air Conditioning to a ‘spring clean’! I usually do this once a year at the same time as changing my pollen filters. This helps prevents you getting ‘air con sickness’, similar to having a head cold all the time you’re in the car, because of a dirty system.

This time I’m using Forté Air Conditioner Treatment.

This treatment effectively eliminates mould, fungi and unpleasant odours that can occur in air conditioning systems. It’s a very easy process requiring only about 15 minutes.

Step 1. Make sure all doors (except the front passenger door) are closed and the windows and sunroof are shut.

 Step 2. Move the front passenger seat fully back on its runners.


Step 3. Set the climate control/air conditioning dials to maximum fan speed and the direction to face. Select the reticulation function ON.

Step 4. Take off cap from treatment and push the release button down until it locks in place.

Step5. Place the can on the passenger foot well area so that it remains upright at all times.

Step 6. Close passenger door and wait 10 minutes for the treatment to work. During this time, the can will continue to discharge for 5 minutes. This is normal.

Step 7. Open all doors and remove empty can. Your air conditioning will now be fresh and clean and healthy..

Thanks to Andrew Higgins for this page




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