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  Pollen Filters

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Cabin (Pollen) Filter Replacement

The cabin filters are located in the evap plenum beneath the windscreen grill.
Detach the SATC exterior temperature sensor.
Undo the four clips and remove the evaporator plenum lid.
You will then be able to see the existing 3 Cabin Filters.
Remove these exposing the delicate Evaporator Core fins.
Start the engine, switch on the a/c and spray the Evaporator fins with deodorising agent.
Fit the new cabin filters. The FMC ones are pollen only but we fitted the new range from Jetex which are Pollen and odour removing Charcoal.
New Cabin Filters fitted.
Then replace the evap plenum lid and secure with the four clips. Job Done,  

Filters are available from FMC - FINIS 1054491

or from Jetex (click the Pollen Filters link)-

There is also a good schematic at:



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