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Air Conditioning repair and refill

I recently needed some work doing on the Scorpio a/c system, the pipe to the condenser was leaking, clearly shown by the oil and UV dye.
I ordered the new pipe and o rings up from the Ford main dealer.
and also a new receiver/dryer which also comes fitted with the new pressure switches fitted.
The old one had been on since new and the car is a 95 model and so was due for a new one.
Neil from CML duly arrived with his trainee to carry out the work,
They inspected the leak and then withdrew the old R134a from the system weighing how much was in the system on their electronic scales.
and then proceeded to fit the new receiver dryer
and fitted the new pipe which is slightly modified from the old one.
they then connected up the compressor to draw a deep vacuum and then pressure tested the system for any leaks.
You can see the hi and lo pressure points connected
Neil then puts the virgin R134a gas onto the scales, resets the readout so that he can add the precise amount on gas to the system, 1000g, he then starts the car engine and compressor to draw in the gas and adds oil and UV dye when required.
A final check of centre vent temps and an additional leak test and stickers added documenting the work a job well done.

Notes about the company

We have no hesitation in recommending this extremely professional company.

CML are based in Cheddar in Somerset and you can call them on 01934 742955 or mobile 07970 975349. Be sure to mention the Ford Scorpio site and tell them you are a Scorpio List member.

As a bonus they also do all electrical work etc and they have just purchased a 7k OBD2 type of machine which replicates the FDS2000 and WDS machine.

The proprietor is Glen and they run three vans. Neil serviced the Scorpio in for test and he was extremely professional and courteous.




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