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Vehicle Ultima 2.9 24V Estate
Year 1995
Mileage 75,000
Repair Cost Warranty
Repair Part(s) Radius Arm (wishbones)
Fault Finding - Knocking/graunching noise on light steering lock.
Shortly after fitting two new radius arms (wishbones) to the front suspension, I became aware of a knocking/graunching noise on slight left steering lock while driving over uneven road surfaces.

I discounted the radius arms, because two new ones had been fitted only nine months before, but on examination I found the the inner nearside radius arm bush had failed. The securing pin had lost the grip of the rubber bush and the radius arm was moving freely, causing the graunching noise.

It is believed that the radius arm had been torqued up while the vehicle was still on the ramp while the suspension was not under load. Being clamped up, the bush was unable to readjust to the new position and failed when placed under load.

A new radius arm was fitted under warranty by Ford.



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