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Replacing the link rod between the stabilizer and front strut

This page describes how to replace the link rod on a Ford Scorpio '95-'98.

The first sign that something wasn't quite right was that a knocking sound appeared every time you would go over an uneven surface. This can have two possible causes - either the wishbones have worn balljoints and/or bushes (see Front Wishbones) or the link rod(s) have seized and failed. In my case I got the diagnosis from the Ford dealer when the car was in for another job: "The joints in the link rods are worn, it'll cost you SEK 1700 plus labour - that's approx 150+".

Being a skinflint, as most normal people are, I decided to replace the rods myself.

Here are some pictures to help you if you decide to undertake the same job.

Here you can see the old vertical link rod in place connecting to the end of the anti-roll bar (left) and the front shock absorber (right).
This is the link bar on the opposite side for reference.
It must be said that the whole procedure shouldn't take more than 15 minutes a side, but of course old Murphy showed his nasty face - all four nuts were completely jammed. This is when you either start swearing a lot, take out the nut splitter, or do both.
The nut splitter wouldn't fit right on, since the nuts had flanges that made the splitter slide. I had to cut of the flanges on two opposing sides of each nut, but then it was just a walk in the park.
The new rods fitted straight on, without any fuss.
And finally, just in case anyone is interested, here's the Finis number

Article contributed by Fredrik Svensson



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