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Rear Brakes

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The Ford Scorpio uses brake disks all round, ventilated on the front for all models, and vented on the rear too for the 24V. As befits a vehicle that can cruise at 140 mph (the 24V) the brakes are immensely powerful and to keep them in top condition it is essential that the brake fluid is completely renewed every 24 months.

The following links are to pages of the Ford Workshop Manual, here produced in PDF format from the Ford Technical Information System, supplied to us by Ford (Europe) for the benefit of Scorpio owners. Right-button click and Save the files below. (Acrobat Reader required)

Please respect Ford copyright.

Brakes - General


Specifications and Torques

Bleed brake fluid

Renew brake fluid

Master cylinder

Brake fluid Reservoir

Brake Servo

Brake Disk Run-Out

Front Caliper

Rear Caliper

Front Disk

Rear Disk

Splash Shield

Brake Pedal

Vacuum Hose

Vacuum Pump



Cable Adjust

Renew Hand Brake Cable

Handbrake Lever



ABS Description

ABS Specifications

Hydraulic Unit to 97

Hydraulic Unit 97on

Front wheel sensor

Rear wheel sensor


Traction Control

TCS Description

TCS Specs

TCS Motor


Files by kind permission of Ford (Europe) - copyright.




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