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  PCM Software Update

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  Eric had emailed me to say that he had just had his car serviced and that his mechanic had updated the PCM software on the EEC V computer. In Eric's case this had improved things considerably and so a visit to SKY FORD in Hemel Hempstead resulted in a discussion with Steve the Service Manager who knew all about WDS and EEC-Vs. I was booked in for 3pm that afternoon for the update.

When I arrived I explained that I wanted to take a few pics for the website so he agreed to do the work outside as no customers were allowed inside the workshop. You can see below the work - it was a 20 minute job and total cost was just 20. A real bargain.


Well it wasn't like having a SuperChip installed - no major improvements that left me gasping for air - but it has improved the low end and as Eric reported the gear changes are improved. It also seemed to hunt less when getting to the change point at 4th.

I am just about to head up to Scotland for an 800 mile round trip and so I'll update the page on my return with consumption and drivability reports. Until then enjoy the view of the procedure.

Connecting the WDS was an absolute doddle. The connector is mounted inside of the box to the right of the steering wheel and the long umbilical cable simply plugs in.
Steve from Sky Ford seemed very knowledgeable on the WDS and uses it both in it's static diagnostic mode as well as in Data Logger mode. The latter is where the car is driven with the WDS running so that it captures the data which can then be checked and investigated back in the workshop.

I'd love one of these toys but at 6000 each I think I'll have to pass

The umbilical cable is simply connected between the connector under the dash and the WDS - no other connections required.
Once the WDS is powered up it runs through it's diagnostics and identifies the vehicle. In our case it pops up a window advising that a new calibration is available. The screen is touch sensitive and talks the operator though the operation step by step.

The new program was uploaded and a print out given identifying the software versions

Details of Print Out received

System: A5
Software version: CD(B15)

Vehicle: Granada/Scorpio
Engine Type: 2.9 V6 24V
Capacity 2.9L
(PATS): Equipped
Transmission: Automatic
Ignition: External (EDIS) module
Fuel Type: Gasoline
Emission Level: All other

Strategy: ABAR0
Filename: ABAR0AC
Module ID Number: 0X018B
Module Part Number: 95GBHD

A later calibration is available. Do you want to Program the (PCM) with it? YES

Part Number: 95GB-12A650-HG
Filename: ABAT0VX
Module Part Number: 95GBHG


This is the status of the WDS

The WDS determines the vehicle details



This is the status of the old program

And the status of the new program

Result: we now have 95GBHG installed



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