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Sump-plug blues

This year, for the third year running, I struggled, swore and gave up on the sump plug on my Cosworth estate after a severe dose of spanner-rash from the concrete floor of the garage. In between the main services on my Scorpio I change the oil at six monthly intervals. I have found that doing this regularly and using Magnatec oil (in 10W-40) my engine remains free of the timing chain rattle to which the 24V Cosworth is prone.

However, the sump plug seems to 'grow' into the hole on the alloy sump, even though last year I supplied a new plug, and the year before, because my efforts to remove the plug had rounded off the head. Once again I went into the Ford Main Dealer where I complained about the design of the sump plug.

The new Ford sump plug. A rubber O-seal is on the face and eliminates the need for a separate washer.

While I was there a service guy walked through and heard my complaints. "Ah," he said. "You need the new one. Here." He flipped a new sump plug over to the parts guy. "There you go. It's used on all the new Fords now. Don't need a separate washer with it. Comes off much easier."

I bought one. The Finis is 1 013 938, cost 3.36.

STOP PRESS - the sump plug doesn't fit the sump on the Cosworth, so it's back to the drawing board for me. It may well fit the DOHC, though.




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